Who Says Almonds Don’t Lactate?

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Almonds don’t have nipples? A third-generation almond milk farmer begs to differ. See his video below…

Don’t you hate it when you buy a carton labeled “soy milk” only to later discover that it actually contains no cow’s milk at all? Of course you don’t, and neither does anyone else. Yet the FDA is considering cracking down on the use of “milk” by plant-based purveyors, leading one conservative columnist to ask the right questions.

And interestingly, most of the plant-based meats and milks aren’t bought by vegans, but rather by omnivores, as Bloomberg reports this week. Demand is so high that in Chile, one plant-based start-up has already captured 10 percent of the mayo market.

Perhaps soon it won’t be only plant-based companies serving as alternatives to factory farming, but clean meat grown from animal cells, too. In fact, a new poll shows that most Americans would be totally down to eat clean meat. (BTW, Clean Meat hits bookstores in Poland this week! Check it out.)

Finally, when you think “business,” do you think “saving the world”? You just might after listening to Toni Okamoto’s and my newly-launched show, the Business for Good Podcast. First episodes include interviews with the CEOs of Whole Foods and Honest Tea, along with Ornilux Bird Protection Glass. We’d be honored for you to listen!


P.S. Video of the week: Is is true almonds don’t lactate? This almond milk farmer says otherwise. :-)

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