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Are you rooting for Darkest Hour to win some Oscars this weekend? Either way, see below for how the film is relevant to clean meat!

Will you be watching the Oscars this weekend and rooting for Darkest Hour to bring in some trophies? Even if not, there’s a connection between the film and clean meat (real meat, grown from cells rather than slaughter) that may interest you, which I explore in a new Reuters commentary this week.

Not everyone is so psyched about clean meat, though. In fact, one editor of The Telegraph published a piece on the topic entitled “We meat-eaters need to stand up against these sci-fi vegan tyrants.” I don’t know about the tyrant part, but as a fan of sci-fi and vegan eating, I felt compelled to publish a response.

However, a lot of folks are indeed quite hopeful. In fact, in a new CNN home page feature exploring the promise of clean meat, the FDA states it’s reasonable clean meat “could be consumed safely.”

With all the progress in cellular agriculture, perhaps it’s unsurprising that investors are salivating over these start-ups. Perfect Day, for example, this week announced it raised $25 million to bring its real dairy proteins — grown without cows — to the market. I’m honored to tell (part of) their story today in Quartz.

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P.S. Photo of the week: You knew pigs are smart, but this pig must be a genius to have such impeccable literary interest!

P.P.S. Video of the week: Did you know it was National Pig Day yesterday?

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