USDA Secretary Discusses Growing Real Meat without Animals

As the Wall Street Journal points out this week, a big debate in the world of cellular agriculture lately has been just who should regulate clean meat (real meat grown from animal cells): the FDA, USDA, or both. While FDA has already made some positive signals about its willingness to treat clean meat start-ups fairly, this week, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue commented, too. The cabinet member publicly embraced such innovation, touting it as a way to “feed people more efficiently and effectively.”

That’s exactly the argument made in Quartz this week: that if we’re serious about food security, we need to get serious about growing meat without animals. And more start-ups are taking up that challenge, including start-ups that were founded for entirely other purposes, as Business Insider reports. Just what might these start-ups make possible? Kosher bacon cheeseburgers, according to the New York Times. There’s still the debate over what to call it, but one thing is clear: As I write in the Sun Chronicle this week, it must be called meat.

Finally, California is not only home to many cell ag start-ups, but it’s also home to some of the most important animal protection laws. This week, the state enacted a new law banning the sale of cosmetics tested on animals, and it just might soon enact the world’s strongest farm animal protection law, too.


P.S. Video of the week: These animals sure love running.

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