The strongest farm animal protection law on the planet

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If Californians approve Prop 12 this November, all eggs sold in the Golden State will have to come from cage-free chickens like these.

There are many who said it couldn’t — or even shouldn’t — be done. But animal advocates persevered and thanks to the efforts of so many signature-gatherers, Californians are now set to vote in November on what, if enacted, will be the strongest farm animal protection law on the planet.

If you’re interested in learning more about such laws and why they’re needed (coupled with some thoughts on sports nutrition of all things…), here’s a new podcast interview of mine you may enjoy.

Some states are going the other way though, like North Carolina. The governor there admirably vetoed a bill that would restrict neighbors of factory pig farms from suing. However, this week the legislature overrode that veto.

Perhaps a good response would be just to enjoy more plant-based foods. Many environmental groups are rightly encouraging people to do just that, but one is now crusading against plant-based meat and urging people to eat grassfed beef instead. I offer some thoughts on their new report.


P.S. Video of the week: How dogs respond to magic.

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Paul Shapiro
Author of the Washington Post bestseller Clean Meat: How Growing Meat without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World
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Husband of Toni Okamoto. Author of nat’l bestseller Clean Meat. CEO of The Better Meat Co. Host of Business for Good Podcast. 4x TEDx speaker.

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