The King (Amendment) is Dead (For Now)

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With today’s defeat of the House farm bill, Steve King’s attempt to nullify state animal protection laws will have to wait for another day.

It was a consequential week in Congress for animals, with both good and bad news for animals.

The good news: Today the House voted against its current version of the farm bill, which contained a catastrophic provision called the King amendment that would eliminate some of the most important state animal protection laws. It’s hardly the last word in the battle, but it’s certainly very helpful.

At the same time, a separate agriculture spending bill in the House contains a harmful provision that could negatively affect the budding clean meat industry, as I write about in The Hill this week.

Similarly, Missouri lawmakers — threatened by the popularity of plant-based meats and the nascent clean meat industry — just passed a bill that would ban calling foods “meat” unless they came from a once-living and now-slaughtered animal.

While some politicians are seeking to protect abusive industries, scientists are working to render animal exploitation obsolete. The latest evidence: using biotech to spare horseshoe crabs. Very exciting!


P.S. Video of the week: This woman gives me hope for humanity.

Paul Shapiro
Author, Clean Meat: How Growing Meat without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World

Husband of Toni Okamoto. Author of nat’l bestseller Clean Meat. CEO of The Better Meat Co. Host of Business for Good Podcast. 4x TEDx speaker.

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