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Good news: The DOJ urged the Supreme Court not to hear a challenge to California’s hen protection law.

There hasn’t been much good news for animals out of the Trump administration in its first two years. (Latest example: approving seismic tests that will devastate dolphins and whales.) However, the administration this week admirably urged the Supreme Court not to hear a case challenging California’s hen welfare law. If the court takes the DOJ’s advice, it would be enormously positive news for farm animal protection efforts.

More positive news: Real meat grown from animal cells continues to march toward your dinner plate. And despite unfounded negative headlines about it, a new study actually found very promising news for clean meat start-ups, as I write about this week.

If you ever needed evidence that persistence pays, look no further than the progress being made by plant-based egg-maker (and more) JUST, formerly Hampton Creek. Despite headwinds in the past, the company’s CEO, Josh Tetrick, was named Food Dive’s executive the year this week.

Finally, there’s no shortage of bad news for oceanic animals (see above as example), but one start-up has an innovative plan for saving coral reefs, and they discuss it on the latest episode of Business for Good!

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P.S. Video of the week: You knew adopting a dog was good for getting you exercise, but did you know it’s the same for rabbits?

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