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Can The Better Meat Co. help reduce meat demand? Time will tell. More at

In a stunningly poignant NY Times column this week, philosopher Martha Nussbaum ponders humanity, noting: “We humans now so dominate the globe that we rarely feel as if we need to live with other animals on reciprocal terms…Let’s strive for an era in which being human means being concerned with the other species that try to inhabit this world.” It’s really a must-read column and will hopefully encourage people to eat less meat.

What if one way to do that was for meat companies to use a lot less meat by blending affordable, innovative, plant-based proteins into their products? I’m very much looking forward to making that happen with a new company I’ve cofounded, The Better Meat Co. You can read more about us in Food Navigator this week.

Clean meat (real meat grown from animal cells) might be closer to commercialization in the wake of a joint-letter yesterday from Memphis Meats and the North American Meat Institute outlining their preferred method of industry regulation. How might such commercialization affect the economy? That’s a topic I discuss at length this week in a new interview on a financial podcast.

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P.S. Video of the week: What, you’ve never heard of a lap tortoise?

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CEO & Cofounder, The Better Meat Co.
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Husband of Toni Okamoto. Author of nat’l bestseller Clean Meat. CEO of The Better Meat Co. Host of Business for Good Podcast. 4x TEDx speaker.

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