“It’s been a good week for poultry at the Supreme Court.”

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Both at the Supreme Court and in a lower federal court, chickens this week were the big winners.

Huge news on several fronts this week.

First, the Supreme Court let California’s ban on the sale of foie gras stand, and it refused to hear a challenge against state laws banning the sale of eggs from caged hens. As one editorial writer put it, “It’s been a good week for poultry at the Supreme Court.”

Second, another ag-gag law bit the dust this week, with a federal judge striking down as unconstitutional Iowa’s law that sought to prevent undercover investigations at factory farms.

Third, Canada’s draft nutrition guidelines remove dairy as a category and focus more on plant-based foods.

And if you need further evidence of just how much the political climate’s changing, not only is Colorado’s new Governor Jared Polis the first openly gay governor, but his partner, Marlon Reis is a vegan who, according to the NY Times, “plans to make animal welfare one of his signature causes as First Gentleman of Colorado.”

Finally, of course the biggest news in Washington is the government shutdown, but less attention has focused on how a border wall would impact wildlife. Scientific American explores the issue this week.

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P.S. Video of the week: Farm animals just wanna have fun.

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Husband of Toni Okamoto. Author of nat’l bestseller Clean Meat. CEO of The Better Meat Co. Host of Business for Good Podcast. 4x TEDx speaker. Paul-Shapiro.com

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