France and Missouri Unite

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France and Missouri have found common ground: Suppressing plant-based meats.

Big news this week, as the U.S. became the first nation to start explicitly outlining its regulatory pathway to bring cultured meat to market.

There’s still a debate over how such products will be labeled, but interestingly, a nearly identical debate was recently held in Washington’s halls of power with a great precedent for cultured meat. I write about this victory for cultured diamonds and what it means for clean meat this week in Food Safety News.

In the meantime, consumers keep having positive feelings about plant-based eating, according to new data. But while consumers may feel good about it, some lawmakers, well, not so much.

At first glance, Missouri and France may not seem to have that much in common. But as I point out in a Fortune magazine op-ed today, one thing their lawmakers share: suppression of plant-based meat at the behest of the cattle industry. Fortunately, plant-based popularity keeps rising despite such efforts.

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P.S. Video of the week: The duck-dog duo…

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