53 million pig and cattle pancreases

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American diabetes used to use insulin from pig and cattle pancreases. Now scientists grow human insulin for them. Will we soon be growing eggs, milk, leather, and gelatin?

Did you know that American diabetics used to use the pancreases of 53 million pigs and cattle annually? Now scientists grow human insulin for them, which is more effective and safer. I argue we may soon do the same for many animal products in this new Food Dive piece exploring the promise of acellular agriculture.

While we’re waiting for those products to commercialize, the stakes (steaks?) are heating up as plant-based meats begin to sit right next to meats from animals in the grocery store. The Wall Street Journal explores the meat of the matter this week.

Part of the debate involves just what to call such new meats. As the founder of Beyond Meat put it to Business Insider this week, do we call mobile phones “fake landlines”? Of course not.

Some grocers are going all-in on the plant-based revolution. In fact, Weis Markets is going whole-hog (or really, no hog) on plant power — check out their program!


P.S. Video of the week: I can only imagine how much happiness these scenes would bring the Buddha.

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